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St. George's CE Primary
School, Clun.
Nurturing Children to
Grow as Learners.

We are committed to giving every single child the opportunity to make the right choices, to do their best and to realise their maximum potential; we promote excellence and push the boundaries of achievement by working together, learning from each other with warmth, humour and kindness.

Our School, Mission & Ethos

Parents, Teachers, Children & Governors

Walking with Teachers The partnership between the children, staff, parents and governors at our school has created a strong, resourceful and dynamic team that we are really proud of.

Read more about the people who make our school such a wonderful place to learn.

Our Staff School Governors Our PTA

St. George’s News articles

 We would like to share our monthly news articles, published in the Clun Chronicle to give you an insight of our busy and exciting school life.

St Georges Clun Chronicle Sept 2017

St Georges Clun Chronicle Oct 2017

St. George’s News January 2018

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Starting at St George's

A child’s first days at school are an exciting time, but there’s a lot to know and do to be ready for it.
Find out more about beginning with us...

Children Starting School at St George's Primary, Clun
Starting Nursery Starting School
Life-long Learners

Learning & The Curriculum

Delivering an exciting curriculm and providing inspiring experiences is only part of the learning process at St. Georges.
We encourage an atmosphere of exploration, challenge and problem solving that allows our pupils to develop learning skills that will stay with them for life.
Find out more about how we approach teaching, learning and ensuring each of our pupils are catered for within our school.

The Curriculum
Gifted & Talented
Special Educational Needs
Colourful Glass Jars at St George's Primary, Clun